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"I whole heartedly recommend Alba Planning Consultants Limited. A small company stays in business by retaining the best individuals.  Alba is easy to work with, flexable and retains dedicated, knowledgeable, project profressionals."  - Paul White, Head of Programme Management, DSRL

 "Alba Planning Consultants Limited handles the pressure of work extremely well.  I would highly recommend Alba for the management of any Planning or Project Controls Departments in the future."  - Tony Wells, Managing Director, M&W Zander

 "Alba carried out work on a number of complex and difficult projects, which changed on a daily basis, their expertise allowed us to maintain a control of individual Projects and Programmes of work, which meant we were recognised as one of the best performing teams within the Scottish Water Programme of Works.  Any staff provided were perfectly suited to the position for which they were required, as well as fitting well into our teams, they all showed initiative to get things done as quickly and efficiently as possible.  I was impressed by the "we can do it" approach taken by everyone.   The work that Alba were required to carry out was completed in very tight timescales and to a very high quality.  In my 30 years of experience I have found Alba to be the best that I have encountered."  - Bill Taylor, Delivery & Operations Manager, Biwater & Biwater Leslie

 "In all aspects of my dealings with Alba I have found them very capable and diligent.  They develop an early and accurate focus upon client requirements.  Success requires innovation and commitment, Alba were prepared to lead by example in these areas.  I was very impressed with the work ethic and commitment displayed by Alba Planning."  - A Wilson Manson, Dounreay Baseline Manager