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Loch Ryan Strategic Solution, Scottish Water, Stranraer - Alba Planning Consultants are involved in the creation of a Waste Water Treatment Works, with the upgrade of 3 pumping stations and one new pumping station, along with the transfer of sewage to the treatment works and then the treated water to the Irish Sea.  The development of the P6 programme encompassing all 5 sites, by the planner, has been key to managing this project from Design through to Procurement, Construction, Commisioning and Decommisioning.  Monthly monitoring of physical progress of each site and a reporting service has also been required.  In addition Alba has provided the Project Manager, Quantity Surveyor, Document Controller and Site Engineer.

Scottish Water Solutions, Drogan - Alba Planning Consultants are currently providing the Planner for the Development and Management of the plan to include Design, Procurement, Construction and Commisioning.  Monitoring of Physical Progress, Reporting of Movement in the plan and other Tabular Reports are all provided on a monthly basis to the Project Team and to the Client. 

Water Quality - Being Developed

Capital Maintanence/Infrastructure Upgrades - Being Developed